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Taking A Staycation

This week I am enjoying some time off, well I am unemployed so I am off regardless, but I am enjoying it for now. My son is home from college visiting before he begins his senior year. I have to tell you he is the best part of me and the sense of peace when he is home if very powerful. It is funny how he can be here and we don’t have to do a bunch of special things we are simply happy being together.

His entrance to my life was on his terms. My doctor told me he was due March 24th and he decided he was coming on February 17th at 9:23 am. I loved every moment of being pregnant. Well there was this one time I got wedged between the foot of the bed and a dresser but we worked through that. I did have some high blood pressure in the 3rd trimester and my doctor put me on bed rest with a monitor for contractions because I was the Braxton Hicks girl at my local hospital. I only had to hook up to it if I felt contractions. So, I was often busted mopping my walls, washing clothes, and organizing, aka nesting. When I did go into labor I really did not know it because the pain was not horrible and it was not in my tummy area it was in my back. I hooked up to the monitor and they called right away to tell me I was in labor. Oh no, I was not ready. My husband was not home and I was not packed. I called my husband he came home to get me and wouldn’t you know we had to stop to put gas in the car.

When I got to the hospital the pain was a little sharper but still hanging in there. Seventeen (17) hours later the love of my life arrived. Poor fellow spent a tad bit too much time in the birth canal because his Momma got a little tired and sort of forgot how to breath. His little nose was folded over to one side and he was very tiny, 5 lbs. 9 oz and 19 inches long. Isn’t it funny we as Mothers can remember all of that but can’t remember why we walked into a room?

They took my son to the NICU and was not able to immediately hold him and I had to stay put until my blood pressure lowered. When I saw him, I have never been so scared in my life. He was in an incubator with wires everywhere even a syringe in the top of his head…and his poor little nose still folded over. I couldn’t hold him, I was afraid that the love I would feel would kill me if something happened to him. I have never told anyone that. Later in the night I went to the NICU and I took my son and sat in a rocking chair and I fell so in love with this tiny human that I could barely breath. I promised him I would be the best Mom and would love him more than myself or anyone else for the remainder of my life. He and I went through a lot together between that night and today and we came out better than we went in.

He truly made me want to be a better woman and the love I have for him is something I did not think I was capable of. I thank God every day for choosing me to be his Mother. I often wonder, did my Mom have the same reaction?

Until next time.

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